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CascadiaPrime - Thinking About The Future

One of the functions of the human brain is to predict the future. The reality is that we are rather bad at it except at the simplest survival level.

The accelerating rate of change and the scale of change confounds the brightest even when aided by our finest information gathering and computing systems.

Navigating our collective way through the next several decades is going to call for masterful appreciations of the forces in play and likely outcomes. There are many "dated" paradigms out in the world. This website and this page of the website are partial antidotes.

Here are some organizations and individuals struggling with the challenge of trying to make sense of it all and to make the world a better place.

  Singularity University
  Singularity Weblog - Nikola Danaylov
  Singularity 1 0n 1 - You Tube Channel - Nikola Danaylov
  Emerging Technologies that will change the world
  Policy Horizons Canada
  The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
  Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  Global Futures System
  The X Prize Foundation - Revolution Through Competition
  The Berggruen Institute
  Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute
  World Future Society
  Millennium Project
  Foresight Institute
  The Lifeboat Foundation
  The James Martin 21st Century School - Oxford
  US National Intelligence Council Global Trends 2030 (2012)
  US National Intelligence Council Global Trends 2030 (2013)
  Information Sciences Institute (ISI)
  The Long Now Foundation
  The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)
  Global Energy Network Institute
  Arlington Institute Future Edition
  Springwise - Entrepreneurial Ideas
  Google Ideas