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CascadiaPrime Cognition - Computer Vision

Computer vision lies at the heart of the artificial intelligence challenge and artificial intelligence lies at the heart of the computer vision challenge. Human interaction with computers would be enhanced with visual, haptic (touch) and auditory capabilities. Learning by artificial intelligence platforms will benefit from understanding social skills like gestures, eye movements, and voice intonations. This will be overlayed by an appreciation of context. These are the things we teach our infants and small children as they grow. .

  A dataset and architecture for visual reasoning with a working memory (March 16, 2018)
  IDENTV Selected as Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Company in Washington D.C area - real-time search and analytics in extremely large video archives: combining computer vision and machine learning (January 15, 2017)
  Visual Genome: Teaching computers to parse visual scenes is fundamentally important for artificial intelligence (January 2016)
  Allen Institute: The Nature of Seeing | How the Brain Constructs the Visual World (October 2015)
  Princeton Vision Group - Overview
  Panel: (Vision via) Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data - Adam Berenzweig, Co-founder and CTO Clarfai at 22 minutes..(September 2014)
  Amnon Shashua - Brains, Minds & Machines Seminar Series: Computer Vision that is changing our lives (April 2015)
  Stanford Vision Lab
  Fei-Fei Li: If we want machines to Think, We need to Teach Them to See (May 2015)
  IBM working on gestures for robot communication & learning (September 2015)
  Maja Pantic: Human-centered Computing (May 2012)
  Metamind - - General image classifier (May 2015)
  The Wolfram Language - Image Identification Project (May 2015)
  Clarifai - visual recognition system (May 2015)
  Orbeus ReKognition API - visual recognition (May 2015)
  AlchemyVision API (IBM) - Image Identification (May 2015)
  ImageNet - an image database organized according to the WordNet hierarchy
  Engine for Visual Annotation (EVA)
  Wordnet - a lexical database for English
  CIFAR Datasets
  Computer Vision Foundation Open Access Papers
  Implementation of a Recurrent Model for Visual Attention using the REINFORCE algorithm (September 2015)
  Blindsight the strangest form of consiousness (September 2015)