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CascadiaPrime - Benefits of Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence seems likely to alter almost every field of human endevour producing wide benefits for society. Nevertheless, established players will fight tooth and nail to maintain their priviledged positions.

Drawing a boundary between the benefits of narrow AI and and the benefits artificial general intelligence is likely impractical.

At least initially then, this section will not attempt to discriminate how the benefits will occur but simply to create a general list of examples that will collectively illustrate probable areas where benefits will occur. Since this includes almost every area of human endeavor the list will be extensive, if not to begin with comprehensive.

  Health Sector: This AI-augmented microscope uses deep learning to take on cancer (July 12, 2016)
  Practical artificial intelligence tools you can use today
  Blacktop politics versus AIification of transportation - a $305 billion boondoggle?
  Automated Vehicles: The Coming of the Next Disruptive Technology - The Conference Board of Canada
  IBM on our Cognitive Future
  Cybersecurity: NYT: Firms Pit Artificial Intelligence Against Hacking Threats (October 2015)
  McKinsey & Co: Is GDP the best measure of growth?
  AI program predicts key disease-associated genetic mutations for hundreds of complex diseases
  Autonomous vehicles: Reduced health care costs resulting from motor vehicle accident reductions
  Reducing pubic infrastructure costs - Greek Trial
  Automated and Autonomous Driving: Regulation under uncertainty
  Artificial Intelligence: For maintenance, management & repair of infrastructure (October 2015)
  Drones to help map plant species